Sep 23, 2010

One door closes and another opens!

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened" - Dr. Seuss

Goodbyes are always hard but we have decided that we must bid our loyal readers adieu. Where are we going? What are we doing? Why are we closing our blog?

Exploring Belize Continues was a labour of love. It took Colette up to 5 hours to put together a blog and as our new business, Conch Creative, started to take up more time - we realised that the blog was being seriously neglected. We also realised that much of our time and travels were related to our business.

So, we're not disappearing. We have started a new blog about our business and our work behind the scenes. We are very excited and hope that all of our loyal readers will subscribe. We can promise you interesting stories, cool locations and fabulous pictures. So, please do check out the Conch Creative blog

Before we depart, we wanted to share a few pictures with you. In September, Maya had her 50th birthday party. It was an amazing party. Earlier in the year, we bought a pig. Our pig lived at Darwin Farm, owned by our adorable (and we should add..startlingly clever) friends Kathleen and Andrzej in Succotz - near the Guatemalen border.

Darwin Farm is a magical place where the animals have names (our pig was named Goldman) and they are loved and cared for with great attention to their needs and quality of life.

Maya created a list of the people she wanted to invite and we sent out the invitation. She was super tough about who made it on the list and who didn't. 'The list' became a running joke amongst our friends and probably a source of consternation amongst those who didn't make it but thought they would.

We were grateful for Goldman's sacrifice and everyone at the party thoroughly enjoyed the traditional pibil that was made by Maya's favourite restaurant - a tiny little place on the Guatemalan border called Benito's or Benny's for short. Our friends then drove the pibil across Belize and flew over to San Pedro. They brought us some of their amazing artisan cheese and made the best home made bread for us. We tried to honour Goldman by creating a little shrine for him at the party. Thanks to one of our many friends who sent us pictures (believe or not we didn't take any!) for this one of the shrine and the party pics to follow.

And on that note, we say farewell to our wonderful friends, family and followers, who inspired us to share our lives in Belize. We hope you will tune in and subscribe to and join us on the next part of our journey.

Love and Kisses from Maya and Colette

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