Sep 5, 2007

After Hurricane Felix

Because Belize was mentioned so frequently in the international news reports on Hurricane Felix, many of our friends and family were very concerned. Some had complained that we hadn't written of our survival on our blog, so we felt compelled to post this picture, taken last night, to prove that we are fine.

The picture below was taken by the Hunter Aircraft that flies into the eye of hurricanes to get important information to help us all know what is going to happen. The pilots that fly these planes really do risk life and limb and the trip into Hurricane Felix was reportedly a very frightening experience for them. Luckily they got out OK and took this spectacular picture of the moon rising over Felix's eye wall.

We are now so grateful for a lull in the hurricane threat, that we decided to post one more picture hat has nothing to with hurricanes. We are sick of hearing about them for a while. So, the picture below was taken outside of our bedroom window. Green iguanas can be hard to spot as they aren't common in our area. Green iguanas are known throughout Belize as 'Bamboo Chicken' and are hunted for their meat and eggs. It is not uncommon on mainland Belize to be driving along with young men standing on the side of the road holding up tethered green iguanas in the air for your inspection. They are now a protected species as they are endangered in Belize and there are iguana breeding programmes being spearheaded all over the country. Belize is such a beautiful and awe inspiring place to live.

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tacogirl said...

Lovely photo of you and Maya